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10 foods for a better sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping and you don't know why? Maybe you haven't been taking care of your diet. Let's...

Actividad fisica

After work walking

We know that work can leave us wrecked, but we must gather some strength to have a walk after work,...

Basketball - baloncesto

Top 5 sports in the world

During the 2012 Olympics, people from 204 countries were asked to find out about the most popular sports in the...

Sexo y orgasmo

Stats on global sexuality

Talking about sex statistics can feel frivolous. The only fact of dealing with data regarding such an intimate matter can...

efectivos positivos de hacer el amor

Sex is the best medicine

Apart from the obvious pleasure of sex, doing it can have great effects in our health. If you needed extra...

Get a better holiday sleep

Make your pillow your travel mate if you can't sleep outside and you'll notice your rest gets way better. Don't...